Mesoeutics MultiVitamin Peptides

A bio-stimulant cocktail combines more than 150 ingredients.

A huge Variety of vitamins (B-complex, A, C) regulates the protein synthesis, cells proliferation and boosts tissue.

It boosts tissue and cells generation, working within the skin surface, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots.

Neutralizes free radicals and fights against the ageing effect of the skin, improving brightness, firmness, elasticity and collagen production, helps eliminating scars, while it provides a radiant-looking skin.

Main Actives:

Multivitamins – Amino acids – Coenzymes Antioxidants – Nucleotides – Oligopeptides Polypeptides – Sodium Hyaluronate – Proteins – EGF – Growth Factors

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