Moisturizing 24hrs Cream with MultiVitamins

24h Moisturizing Cream with Multivitamins, for all skin types

A stand-alone product with fine texture, recommended for all skin types, even dehydrated.

Enriched with Multivitamins and proteins, this amazing 24h moisturizer, offers deep and prolonged hydration.

Easily absorbed leaves your skin soft and elastic. It is ideal to use for dehydrated skin, which will immediately refresh and tone.

Very soft and refreshing moisturizer, ideal to use as a make-up base.


USE: For extended results, apply twice daily, using circular movements for extended results.



  • Stand-alone product offering 24h hydration
  • For all skin types
  • Ideal for dry, delicate and thin skin
  • Excellent make-up base
  • Intensive care for sensitive skin
  • Refreshing and toning sensitive skin
  • Deep Moisturizer
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