Sun Protection Cream 50+

Oil Free Sun Block Cream SPF 50+

Zartaux’ Sun Block with SPF 50+ offers the highest protection from the sun due to its seven (7) filter’s active shield.

Its drastic formula rich in Titanium Dioxide keeps your skin sooth and hydrated, protecting it from the harmful UV rays. Gentle and effective for all skin types.

Works as a broad- spectrum blocker, which prevents skin damage, premature aging and free radicals.

Duly absorbable, leaving your skin coated, while at the same time, works perfectly under your makeup, without dulling skin’s complexion.

USE: Apply and repeat regularly during exposure to the direct sunlight. Suitable for all skin types. Amazing Oil-Free formula.


  • Advanced sun protection
  • Parabens Free
  • Oil Free formula
  • Titanium shield with seven (7) filters
  • Ideal for all skin types
  • Non-greasy, oily, texture
  • Non-irritating
  • Perfect matt result


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