Whitening Serum 24h with Alpha Arbutin

High Concentration Whitening Serum for all skin types (1st stage)

Whitening Serum for all skin types. A powerful mixture of 10 advanced ingredients fighting against uneven skin tone offering glowing radiance.  Gives immediate results, minimizes hyperpigmentation and protects the skin against sun damage. This top-secret formula is skin friendly and safe to use all year. Gives astonishing results even in the most intense facial dyschromia, brightens the skin and imparts a spectacular whitening effect. Visible results within just two weeks of proper and regular usage.


USE: Apply daily every morning and evening using soft circular movements. Use in combination with Zartaux Whitening Cream.



  • Reduces production of melanin
  • Strong whitening effect
  • Eliminates uneven tone
  • Instantly radiant skin
  • For all skin types
  • Reduces skin pigment
  • Skin becomes livelier, brighter; gives the skin a radiant glow effect
  • Non-irritant
  • Safe to use all year
  • Does not exfoliate the skin
  • Parabens Free


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